International Academy Certificate Course – Designing for Sustainability

International Academy Certificate Course – Designing for Sustainability

Architecture and Responsible Building Practices

In the upcoming Summer Semester, the Department of Architectural Theory will join forces with the Chair for Building Technology, the Chair for Structures and Structural Design and the Junior Chair for Reuse in Architecture to teach a certificate course for post-graduates on Architecture and Responsible Building Practices.

The course will consist of three modules consisting of knowledge acquisition, a mock-up and hands-on workshop phase on site at the Hoogcruts monastery. The existing rammed earth and bamboo pavilion on site will serve as a testing ground for experiments and innovation. See the video on the left for an insight into the previous workshops building the pavilion.

You will learn the latest developments and advancements in sustainable construction, building materials, reuse in architecture and passive solutions, taught by researchers and industry professionals, both from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Further information and details can be found on the official course website.