Wahlmodul / Elective Course, (in English), „Japanese Gardens and Landscapes“

This elective course will be dedicated to Japanese gardens, landscapes and architecture. Our journey through the art of garden history will start from particular garden types where the observer perceives the scenery form a boat (chisen-shūyū (池泉舟遊), from inside a villa or by strolling on a garden path). These gardens are meticulously described in the Secret Book of Garden, the Sakutei-ki, published in 11th century. Another section of the course will be devoted to dry Zen garden (karesansui) and follow the evolutionary line, spanning from the initial thoughts of monk Musō Soseki (1275-1351) to the most recent Zen gardens. From the scale of tiny and almost minimalist gardens we will expand into the larger scale of landscapes. We will reconsider forms of landscape contemplation and look at small pavilions disseminated into sceneries, which are recognized for their outstanding aesthetic value. In this course, architecture will be primarily studied in its relation to gardens and landscapes. Particular attention will be given to spatial notions such as ‚en’ and ‚ma’ referring to the encounter of inside and outside.

Dozentin: Dr. Murielle Hladik

First meeting: Thursday, April 9, 2020, 2.30 – 4.30 pm, C.A.R.L. S 201(1385|201) Further weekly meetings, on Thursday (same place, same time)