Photography as visual Urbanism

3rd Candide Conference 31.01.2019-01.02.2019   In recent years, visual urbanism has emerged as a new research field. Being aware of the photography’s potentials and constraints in practice (such as photographic objectification) and being critical of street photography, researchers using critical visual methodologies in anthropology (Banks 2001; Pink 2007), cultural studies (Lister

Exhibition “Kaleidoscope Worpswede”

Kaleidoskop Worpswede. Work of art, landscape, living space   This year, the municipality of Worpswede celebrates its 800th anniversary. The highlight of the celebrations is the exhibition "Kaleidoscope Worpswede. Artwork, Landscape, Place of Life", which will open in the four museums of the Worpswede Museum Association from

Exhibition “other places” #2

"Other Places" shows the results of an innovative teaching format, conceived for students of the Romance Institute of the University of Cologne and the teaching and research area of architectural theory at RWTH Aachen University. The subject of the interdisciplinary project work was places that

Exhibition Japan

Seminar Summer Semester 2017, Impromptu M.Sc. Lecturers: Prof. Axel Sowa, Dr. Murielle Hladik       In autumn 2017, the Neues Museum Nürnberg will present a major Japan exhibition with the same title. The exhibition invites visitors on forays into the world of Japanese aesthetics. The starting point of the museum's

Exhibition “On the Art of Building a Teahouse”

  THE ART OF BUILDING A TEAHOUSE Excursions into Japanese Aesthetics       27 October 2017 until 18 February 2018       VERNISSAGE   Thursday, 26 October 2017, 7 pm Speakers: Dr. Eva Kraus, Director Neues Museum Hidenao Yanagi, Consul General, Japanese Consulate General Munich Dr. Murielle Hladik and Prof. Axel Sowa, guest curators of the exhibition Klarissenplatz 90402 Nürnberg   NEUES

Design by Choice – Exhibition Maastricht

Design by Choice – The origins of Mass-Customization in Europe   Exhibition from 10 October 2015 - 17 January 2016 Adress: Bureau Europa, Timmerfabriek, Boschstraat 9, 6211 AS Maastricht, Niederlande   Further information   Customised product series, rapid prototyping and new communication media have permanently changed the relationship between producers and consumers

Architecture as a matter of dispute

2. Candide Conference 29 - 31 January 2015 Aachen, Germany   The complex relationship between architecture and conflict will be discussed at the conference "Architecture as a Matter of Dispute". By considering architecture as a matter of dispute, it is possible for us to gain new knowledge about architectural

Book: Aachen nach ’45

In 1945, the city of Aachen was in ruins. How should it be rebuilt? As a reconstruction of the city? Many important decisions were ahead. This topic was worked on and analysed by students in cooperation with the teaching department. The result is now available