Maintenance and Care in Arch. Photography

Maintenance and Care in Arch. Photography

Bachelor WPF

21.00080 Kurs_KuHG_3_AT (Maintenance and Care in Arch. Photography / Instandhaltung von Gebäuden in der Architekturfotografie) (3 SWS / 3 CP), 20 Students

Language:     German

Time:                Monday 03.04.2023, 16:00 – 17:30 (first Meeting), weekly appointments.

Room:      C.A.R.L., Raum S02 (1385|202), Claßenstraße 11.

Lecturer:       M.Sc. Leonie Bunte

This course focuses on documenting the life of buildings following their construction. Modern technology imposes continuous upgrades on buildings to increase their energy performance. At the same time, inhabitants engage in continuous acts of personalisation and appropriation of anonymous spaces that the market delivers to them. In recent years, this customisation activity has been the subject of documentaries dedicated to contemporary architectural buildings that have increasingly focused on the way buildings are experienced rather than the way they are initially conceived by architects. Photography has also played a key role in documenting modern buildings (some icons such as Le Corbusier’s Ville Savoye) that looked already dilapidated within a few years of their construction. This course aims to investigate through photography this process of continuous maintenance of buildings, as well as the appropriation and personalisation of spaces by their inhabitants. The seminar work includes lectures, photographic experiments and their written elaboration.