Lecture series: “Stadtzugänge”

Lecture series: “Stadtzugänge”

BA Lecture series

21.00053_Kurs_KuHG_4_AT (1.5 SWS / 3 CP), in Cooperation with Department of the History of Art: Course “Urban Walks”

Language:     German

Time:                Wednesday 12. April 2023 16:30 – 18:00 (first lecture), weekly meetings.

Room:      Hörsaal EPH (1090 |321), Rogowski-Gebäude, Schinkelstr. 2

Lecturers:      Prof. Axel Sowa, Prof. Alexander Markschies

The departments of Art History and Architectural Theory will jointly offer the modules KUH IV (PO 2019) in the summer semester 2032, and have designed a hybrid course for this purpose. It consists of a series of urban walks supplemented by lectures. The city of Aachen and its immediate surroundings will serve as an area of investigation and field research. We will collect geological, climatic, infrastructural, legal, economic, historical and architectural data. Memorable finds, which we will bring back from our first forays through the study area, will offer us entrances into an in-depth study of local features, their origins and their significance. From a methodological point of view, the event takes up ideas from the practice of history workshops and walk science. Both approaches were developed in the 1970s and will be re-tested and methodologically supplemented with a view to today’s context. Locating and interpreting sources is as much a part of the tasks of joint field research as the description and cartographic recording of situations. The aim is to create references that bring us closer to the complex subject of the “city”, beyond the boundaries of academic disciplines.