Experiment with Clay (Master)

Experiment with Clay (Master)

MA Elective Course

20.00004_Kurs_WF_MA_AT (Experimente mit Lehm) (2 SWS / 3 CP), 12 Students

Language:     German/English

Time:                Thursday 13. April 2023, 16:30 (Introduction), Lehmbaugarten Seffent, Schurzelterstr. 35
                          8. – 11. June 2023 (First Building Phase)
                          25. – 28. July 2023 (Plaster)

Place:                 Lehmbaugarten Seffent, Schurzelterstr. 35.

Lecturers:      Prof. Axel Sowa mit Prof.em. Speidel and Tatsuya Tokura

For more than 40 years has grown a park next to the shock wave laboratory of the RWTH where clay domes and half-timbered pavilions are built by students by hand and foot without machines. These pavilions are improvisations that arise from the joint work of 4 students. Building phase: The task is to construct a small half-timbered building, which is cut out, woven with willow rods and thrown with mud. Raw mud walls are created, which have to dry before the next step. Plastering: In the second part of the seminar, the raw walls are given different surfaces with clay, lime and mixed plasters; they can be coarse or fine, matt or glossy, single or multi-coloured. Japanese plasters are the main models. They are made with Japanese trowels. A Japanese master craftsman will guide the work again this year.