Lecture series: “Figuren der Architekturtheorie”

Lecture series: “Figuren der Architekturtheorie”

BA lecture series (2. Semester Bachelor)

21.00009_Kurs_KuHG_1_AT (1.5 SWS / 3 CP) Vorlesung „Figuren der Architekturtheorie“

Language:     German

Time:                Tuesday 4. April 2023, 16:30 – 18:00 (first lecture), weekly appointments.

Room:      Hörsaal C.A.R.L., Raum H03 (1385|003), Claßenstraße 11.

Lecturer:          Prof. Axel Sowa


The lecture Architectural Theory offers access to the action-guiding theories of architecture in the period from 1770-1980 and introduces to cultural-historical contexts of Classicism, Enlightenment and Modernism, in which intentions and building ideas are articulated. Architectural theory is presented as a conscious, intentional, symbol-giving, and at times norm-critical process. Therefore, it considers built reality in light of authorial statements, rules, treatises, dogmas, and doctrines. The lecture series provides the ability to understand the theoretical foundations of building and design practice, and to assign them to their respective cultural and intellectual historical contexts. The program enables students to critically examine manifestos, treatises and author’s statements with which the authors of the texts justify and comment on their architectural actions.