PhD students

Frédéric Schnee

Mutualism in construction processes -a social reintegration of the modern construction industry as a result of loss of solidarity and community The PhD project will not focus on building in the community and the question of its conceptual foundations, but will reflect on the mutualistic conditionalities

Andjelka Badnjar Gojnic

The Collective and the Architecture of Yugoslavian Postwar Modernism: the Social and Technocratic Imagination of the Institute for the Testing Materials Serbia (IMS)   The research seeks an understanding of the political, material and spatial notions of the collective as they emerged in Yugoslavian socialism after the

Katarzyna Osiecka

Blind Spots in the House Catalogue - Architectural Consumption in the Periphery   In the early 1980s, the Canadian skeleton house first gained the attention of Polish society and slowly grew into an object of desire. The "Canadian" [das kanadische Haus] left his mark on the image

Hootan Ahranjani

Architecture as a vehicle of transformation - Campus Westend of Frankfurt Goethe University 2003 - 2013   In the course of urban transformation in dense urban space, the question of changing, converting, expanding and replanning existing buildings and neighbourhoods arises in most structural planning tasks in Germany today.

Adria Daraban

Figures of the Fragmentary Architecture-specific concepts of the fragmentary in modernism The attraction of the fragmentary as a topos of art, literature and philosophy seems to have been unbroken at least since its theoretical fixation in early Romanticism. Remnants, cracks, gaps or breaks give art a new

Ayça Sancar

The stage of the state: Opera architecture and cultural policy in Turkey1928-1969   For the founder of the republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the political elite of the early Turkish republic, the promotion of the fine arts was considered a necessity for the modernisation of society. The

Ela Kaçel (Friends of Theory!)

Humboldt-Research Fellow at the Department of Education and Research Architectural theory at RWTH Aachen University   Afterimages of Migration: A Study on the Perception of the City, Architecture and Photography in Post-War Germany The research project on migrants and their perception of urban spaces aims to establish new, interdisciplinary connections

Yulia Lukito

Modern and vernacular architecture of Indonesia as the subject of exhibitions: Hybrid architecture in Pasar Gambir of Batavia, at the Paris Colonial Exhibition of 1931 and in Park Taman Mini Indonesia Indah   In the early 17th century, the Dutch East India Company gained supremacy over the