Architectural Theory: The Spectrum of Architectural Criticism

Architectural Theory: The Spectrum of Architectural Criticism

MA Lecture

GUT 1a Lecture (1,6 SWS / 1 ECTS)

Language: German

Time: Monday 9.10.2023, 19:30 – 21:00 (first date), weekly event

Room: Eph, Schinkelstr. 2, 3. OG

Lecturer: Prof. Axel Sowa

Built or projected buildings fulfil or disappoint expectations. Critics point out what can reasonably be expected from architecture. In doing so, they refer to traditional criteria as well as to those that seem to arise from contemporary contexts. When critics take action, their texts deal with the appropriateness of architectural objects and their contexts, with modes of use or with beauty. Critics achieve effectiveness through expertise, diagnostic precision, linguistic brilliance and media reach. In this lecture, we ask about the legitimacy of architectural criticism and examine what criticism refers to in individual cases. Using selected case studies, the course offers access to the foundations, forms and practices of architectural criticism.

The lecture is complemented by the Aachener Montagabendgespräche.
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