Exhibition “Kaleidoscope Worpswede”

Exhibition “Kaleidoscope Worpswede”

Kaleidoskop Worpswede. Work of art, landscape, living space


This year, the municipality of Worpswede celebrates its 800th anniversary. The highlight of the celebrations is the exhibition “Kaleidoscope Worpswede. Artwork, Landscape, Place of Life”, which will open in the four museums of the Worpswede Museum Association from 24 June 2018. As part of the large joint exhibition, the Große Kunstschau, the Barkenhoff, the Haus im Schluh and the Worpswede Kunsthalle explore how art has shaped and changed this place. The “Worpswede myth” is subjected to a revision by artistic means. The views of a bygone Worpswede era that have become entrenched over decades are contrasted with new points of view, and the gaze is directed towards the present and the future. The curator Jörg van den Berg invited the teaching and research area of architectural theory at RWTH Aachen University to enrich the exhibition with student work and to participate in the participatory process.


In two sections of the Worpswede Kunsthalle, students will show from 24.6. – 4.11. 2018 Drafts on the themes “An Ideal Studio” and “Worpswede Byways”. The exhibition will be accompanied by student guided tours on site. The exhibition contributions were created in the winter semester 2017 and summer semester 2018 as part of the M1/M2 project and the accompanying seminar “Worpswede: Nature-Art-Community”. The course was designed and supervised by Prof. Axel Sowa, Zhen Zhang, Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić.




Worpswede: Nature-Art-Community


Exhibition opening

23/24 June 2018 with site tours, lectures, performances and artist talks


Organiser Worpswede Museum Association:


Große Kunstschau Worpswede

Worpsweder Kunsthalle

Haus im Schuh



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