Architecture through Movies

Architecture through Movies

BA Lecture series

Module KUHG 3 (3 SWS/ 3 ECTS)

Language: English

Time: Monday 09.10.2023, 16:15 – 17:45 (first date), weekly course

Room: S10 (1385|210)

Lecturer: Leonie Bunte, MA

How is architecture represented in films? And how is it documented?
In this course we will watch, analyze and critically discuss films from the perspective of architectural knowledge. We will undertake a two-folded attitude. On one side, we will focus on how architecture has been represented in either a celebrative way or, on the contrary, in a critical and dystopian way. On the other side, we will consider the documentary film as an attempt to observe buildings as comprehensive clusters of things, experiences leading towards sociological and anthropological stances. The seminar aims to investigate the duality of documentation and representation of architecture in the filmic dimension. It will include lectures as well as written and graphic assignments.