Travel report Uzunyayla Rural Research

The excursion took place in the summer semester 2023 as a Master's elective of the teaching and research field of architectural theory at RWTH Aachen University in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture at Abdullah Gül University Kayseri. Context and questionsUzunyayla (translated from Turkish: long plateau,

Experiments with clay

In this year's "Experimente mit Lehm", which took place over four days each in June and July, the students once again faced the challenges of building with their own hands and feet. In addition to the usual re/constructions of the claywalls, which were carried out under

Book: Aachen nach ’45

In 1945, the city of Aachen was in ruins. How should it be rebuilt? As a reconstruction of the city? Many important decisions were ahead. This topic was worked on and analysed by students in cooperation with the teaching department. The result is now available