Stegreif „Micro-Gardens for Hoogcruts“ (in English)

This “Stegreif” project aims to envision experimental micro-gardens for one season. By working on a small surface or micro-plot, the project offers an in-situ intervention at Hoogcruts, a former abbey near Gulpen (NL). The walled area of the the abbey, which is currently undergoing a process of revitalization, offers a privileged experimental field. We will explore aspects of botanics, ecology or permaculture, as seminal grounds for innovative garden design. The specificity of the place will be an invitation to consider ruderal species (local plants), medicinal plants (simplicis medicinae), melliferous plants (for bees) or ornamental plants. Finally, the notions of „garden in motion“, developed by Gilles Clément, as well as Japanese micro-gardens will serve as sources for inspiration.

Dozentin: Dr. Murielle Hladik, Prof. Axel Sowa

First session: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 (Site visit at Hoogcruts and project launch) Further meetings: Wednesday, April 29, 2020 (Consultation, Chair of Architectural Theory, Templergraben 49, 2nd Floor), deadline for submission of design results: May 20, 2020.